This week is one of my favourite festivals, actually no, scratch that. Blissfields is probably my favourite festival. over the years it’s grown from humble beginnings into a diverse festival that manages to pull the trick of catering for just about every type of festival goer while still maintaining an intimate and friendly atmosphere. With the doors opening for campers on Thursday, and the main event kicking off on Friday here are a few of my must-see acts over the weekend.

Bigtopp (Thursday, The Larch)

You can never have enough Ska in your life, and Bigtopp are one of the best suppliers of it. I don’t know what’s going to be more entertaining - the music, or watching that many musicians try to fit on the Larch’s tiny stage!

Correspondents (Thursday, Now and Den)

This group are a staple of the festival scene, and the big question to be asked is why it’s taken them this long to come to Blissfields. Their mix of modern dance and classic swing are guaranteed to get the crowd jumping.

Duveaux (Friday, Now and Den)

Winners of the Portsmouth leg of the ‘Road to Blissfields’, this Isle of Wight band always provide a great show. Catch them before they get too big to perform on the small stages.

Dub Pistols (Friday, Main Stage)

As much an integral part of the festival as the guaranteed sunshine (it never rains at Blissfields - that’s official). The ultimate party band bring their live show back to the main stage for 2015.

Ghostpoet (Friday, Main Stage)

Moody and intense sounds from a truly original musician. Well worth giving some time to this weekend.

Grandmaster Flash (Saturday, Main Stage)

Legend is a word that’s applied to any musician who manages to last more than a couple of decades these days. But in this case I think it’s apt. One of the originals of US Hip hop, any major festival would consider getting him a coup - That Blissfields have managed to get him is nothing short of remarkable.

Soul and Fire (Saturday, The Larch)

A blend of blues, rock and folk sung with passion and gusto - what’s not to like!

Plastic Mermaids (Saturday, Now and Den)

The Isle of Wight has a lot of great bands who never make it out of the local cirsuit, but every so often one of them manages to break out across the water - your chance to catch this fantastic group without having to pay the ferry fare!

That's my picks, if there's anyone you think I've missed let me know.

The Correspondents @ Bestival 2013

The Correspondents @ Bestival 2013

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